What the…

What the...

Where’d that come from?

Scout likes to pretend she hasn’t had pizza fall off her head a hundred times already.


Honorary Pizza on a Honorary Beagle

Breadstick on a Cat

It’s all getting cross-species up in here! True to cats’ nature, Snowy refused to go mainstream and opted for a breadstick opposed to a classic slice. Honorary pizza for an honorary beagle.

Thanks to Ashley G. for risking life and limb for a shot at internet fame.

Honorary Beagle: Tiger

As a lover of puns, we tend to think that the phrase “Pizza on a Beagle” has a certain ring to it. However, we love all dogs, frogs & pogs (?) – so we’ve created a special category for our pizza-donning brethren.

We’re pleased to offer Tiger, of Food On My Dog Fame, the title of First Honorary Beagle. Unlike beagles, Tiger is exceptionally patient and willing to balance unending varieties of food on her head. (And she’s a Gators fan to boot!)

Here she is calmly balancing a slice as big as her head (or two):

Pizza on a Tiger

Do you have a pizza-propping pet eager to become our next Honorary Beagle? Grab your camera and check out or submissions page here.