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The trouble with having two beagles

The beauty of Pizza On A Beagle is that you can get pizza anytime! And beagles!

Which means you can take your own Pizza On A Beagle photos or video and send us pictures or video links at

While we started as a way to find homes for two specific adorable beagles, all beagles, beagle-mixes and honorary beagles have a special place in our hearts! If you can convince any animal to stay still long enough to get a photo of them balancing pizza, then send it to us!

Also feel free to send:

  • Your pet’s name
  • Pizza details
  • Multiple photos or a Web address of your photo (e.g., Flickr)
  • Credits: Who’s the incredibly patient photographer responsible for capturing a manic beagle balancing a slice of pepperoni?
  • Adoption Info: Is the beagle pictured up for adoption? Send us a link to where we can find out more.

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