Tucker & Scout

Scout, the original pizza on a beagle model, and Tucker are looking for HAVE FOUND their forever homes!

Our deepest thanks to everyone who has helped spread the word and shown support for Tucker and Scout. Tucker was just adopted by a young couple in Gainesville who were looking for a brother for their 10 month old beagle, Rowdy. Tucker and Rowdy were fast friends.

Scout has been invited to become a permanent member of my mother’s pack, roaming the house and yard with Bella (lab-mix) & Ally (german shepard/hound mix). Scout fits right in.

Tucker was already helping himself to Rowdy’s food before we left.

For those wanting to know more about Tucker & Scout, below is their original adoption listing:

Recently found on the side of the interstate, Tucker & Scout have been fixed and treated for a variety of health concerns (ticks, bacterial infection, malnourishment).

These beagles appear to have been outdoor dogs that suffered from poor care. They have quickly adapted to being household pets and are looking for new homes with plenty of love & attention. They are being fostered in Orlando, FL, but we are willing to work with folks living in other geographic areas to find them the right home(s). They love being together, but are also fine when separated.

Scout (tri-colored): female, vet determined 2-4 years old, 26 lbs

Tucker (tan & white): male, vet determined 2-4 years old, 27.4 lbs

Both love playing with other dogs, especially big ones. They have very high energy in between their frequent naps. They love all people, including children, but would drive cats crazy. Tucker enjoys getting tons of attention, sleeping on pillows and looking at you with giant puppy eyes. Scout is happiest chasing squirrels, but will settle for lizards or cuddles on the couch. Beagles can be hard to train, but they are being crate trained and working on simple commands like “sit”.

While beagles are known for the their entertaining (loud) vocal stylings, they are lesser known for their amazing dance skills. Scout does one heck of a wriggle.


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